COVID-2019 is a shock test for all enterprises. In addition to testing the response speed of the crisis, it also puts forward higher requirements for the ability overall coordination, the ability to deal with the crisis and maintain the balance of development of the enterprises. How to reshape the enterprises in this crisis? How to turn the opportunity of enterprises reform and strategic upgrading into a powerful tool for upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain? Ms. Huang Shasha, CEO of Wdoodoo, announced the answer for us.

In February, Cold wind was strong, and Beijing United started "the plan of aiding hundred million to prevent epidemic ".

Chinese saying: “Under the overturned nest, there is no egg left”. During anti-epidemic situation, all people's lives are greatly affected, it is an impact on the national economy. Self-help, change, innovation has become a breakthrough for the sustainable development of Small and medium-sized enterprises. Wdoodoo is also looking for new opportunities. Wdoodoo’s original intention is empower the industrial chain, this is original power to reshape itself in the crisis. "Plan of aiding hundred million to prevent epidemic" has become the first focus of Wdoodoo’s innovation.

"The COVID-19 epidemic tests not only individuals, but also the survival of enterprises. In order to achieve the goal of stability and development under the epidemic situation, enterprises must have a strong survival capability, to evolve in the crisis, to innovate in the crisis and to improve in the crisis. Under the epidemic situation, Wdoodoo still keeps the original intention of empowering the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. Through "plan of aiding hundred million to prevent epidemic", Wdoodoo has found a breakthrough supported by seeking global sourcing SAAS system." Ms. Huang Shasha, CEO of Wdoodoo, said.

Ms. Huang Shasha pointed out that the plan is not only Beijing United, but also a joint action of Wdoodoo, together with Zdoodoo, Bdoodoo and other industrial chain enterprises from pulp paper, non-woven fabric, sanitary products and other industries. "To overcome the difficulties, the whole industry chain has to link. Behind every anti-epidemic material is a strong industrial chain. As a B2B vertical e-commerce platform for pulp and paper, non-woven fabric and sanitary products industry, Wdoodoo has made full use of its advantages, gathered nearly 300 upstream and downstream enterprises and supporting service agencies, and jointly invested in the industrial chain support plan. Started the shortage anti-epidemic materials in the market, Wdoodoo cooperate, seek for sources and integrate, so as to empower the enterprise to prevent epidemic, return to work and return to production. "

At the same time, Ms. Huang Shasha said, "From the Jinzhou port in North of China to the Nansha Port in South of China; from the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai to the Capital International Airport in Beijing, from the production workshop to the front line of epidemic prevention, In the process of our "Plan of aiding hundred million to prevent epidemic", thousands of tons of anti-epidemic materials, production materials and raw materials based on the trading of Beijing United e-commerce platform started to be transported one after another by the multimodal transport logistics system composed of trucks, tankers, trains, airplanes, ships and others. Wdoodoo are working for the industry enterprises. It is our common idea to defeat the epidemic. We believe that we can support more enterprises to steadily return to work and production at the same time by the Plan."

In March, spring is coming. Wdoodoo started “the live broadcast season”.

If "the plan of aiding hundred million to prevent epidemic" is the start button in February, then “the live broadcast season” in March is the fast forward button.

“The live broadcast season” is the continuation of "the plan of aiding hundred million to prevent epidemic ". In the process of fighting against the "virus", enterprises are improving their "immunity" through innovative mode. In order to support the full return work of the industrial chain and actively explore the B-end mode of the live broadcast with goods, Beijing United Duoduo e-commerce officially launched “the live broadcast season” with goods of industrial products and raw materials on March 11. Ms. Huang Shasha pointed out in March 17,” The special live broadcast of anti-epidemic materials was successfully concluded. The order was over 50 million yuan and the audience exceeded 21,000. In the special period of fighting the COVID-19, Wdoodoo tried to use the live broadcast with goods to achieve the goal of reducing the efficiency and increasing the efficiency of the upstream and downstream enterprises. Anti-epidemic materials, special sale of base paper, live broadcast Welfare, and so on. We start from the epidemic prevention knowledge, through the analysis of market situation, data, price and other contents, we show our intentions to the public through live broadcast in a multi-dimensional and multi angle way, which is a new starting point for us, for the whole industry it is a new empowerment. Next, Wdoodoo will launch other diversified theme live broadcast with goods, continue to use the live broadcast with goods way to empower enterprises to return production and work. "

"As an important part of the live broadcast season of Beijing United e-commerce industrial products, Wdoodoo will base on the fields of pulp, paper, non-woven fabric and raw materials of sanitary products, continue the live broadcast with industrial goods, and new empowerment to the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry, further promote the construction of the service system of the platform, and guide the cultivation of the third businesses participate in the live broadcast with goods, so as to promote the formation and development of the industrial e-commerce live broadcast ecosystem. " Ms. Huang Shasha, CEO of Wdoodoo, said, "in the meantime of live broadcast with goods, we will cooperate with the 100 group shopping activity of the industrial chain to help the users to return to work and production in an all-round way and promote the users to better realize cost reduction and efficiency increase. Anti-epidemic materials shopping activity is mainly composed of masks, forehead guns thermometer, alcohol, disinfectant and other scarce materials. The industrial chain shopping activity is mainly composed of core raw materials such as base paper, non-woven fabric, and sanitary products, etc., Based on the platform’s service advantages of global sourcing, deep supply chain, intelligent logistics, Wdoodoo aims to make up for the shortage of raw material supply and logistics due to COVID-19, and help upstream and downstream users returning production quickly. "

In April, sunshine is warm in spring. Global cross-border empowerment is busy.

"Someone asked me, will your innovation stop as the epidemic eases and ends? My answer is: no! "Ms. Huang Shasha, CEO of Wdoodoo, said, "first of all, the good news keeps coming, lifting lockdown and" zero "growth data. The domestic anti-epidemic situation is very exciting! Next, safe and efficient resumption of work has become a social and economic theme, and we will take this as a new starting point, not forget our original intention, actively promote the synergy and empowerment of the industrial chain, and at the same time, we will start the cross-border preventing epidemic support action. "

"At present, the COVID-19 epidemic is spreading rapidly all over the world. The anti-epidemic action is not only in China, but also around the world. Based on the global sourcing and its global market radiation ability, and the advantages of the whole industrial chain operation of epidemic prevention materials rapidly established after the epidemic outbreak, Wdoodoo will start the cross-border supply of epidemic prevention materials to the global market. Wdoodoo will also actively respond to the call of Beijing United, its parent company, based on the domestic supply capacity and shopping functions, give full play to the role of the global industrial chain hub of the platform, to provide strong help to meet the demand of epidemic prevention materials in the global market, and create a new value for human preventing epidemic."


Some people said that 2020 is a disaster year, but Wdoodoo did think so. Under the epidemic situation, it tests the "immunity" of enterprises, and also the "original heart" and "vitality" of enterprises. How to survive in the difficult situation? Only innovation, endless innovation! Our all actions of the preventing epidemic which had been launched are the best proof.

A Chinese saying, "spring is important in a year, morning is important in a day." 2020 is just the beginning. Wdoodoo will take advantage of the power of the Internet to enpower the industry, to revitalize the future of the industry. Let's join hands to share the prosperity of spring and share the industrial dream.