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About Wdoodoo

1.Company introduction

Beijing Wdoodoo E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (Simple as "Wdoodoo"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing United information Company (stock code: 603613.SH), is a professional Internet platform for hygiene products and household paper industry, focusing on pulp, paper, non-woven fabric, and "Internet+" Upgrade of Medical Consumables Industry. Leading by the B2B transaction of raw materials, basing on Cloud ERP and Cloud Logistics as an infrastructure, driven by a two-wheel which are collective procurement of supply chain and management services of supply chain, WEIDOODOO actively promotes the ecosystem of e-commerce in the hygiene products and paper products industries.

Four vertical industrial chains have been formed by Wdoodoo which are interrelated and complementary.

Tissue paper industry chain (Industrial chain from bamboo chips, wood chips, pulp, paper to disposable household paper)

Non-woven industrial chain (Industrial chain from PP, PE to non-woven fabrics )

Hygiene products industry chain (Industrial chain of disposable sanitary products such as sanitary napkins and diapers)

Medical Consumables Industry Chain (Industrial chain of disposable medical consumables such as medical masks and protective clothing)

Since the operation of Wdoodoo E-commerce platform in August 2016, tissue paper has been a breakthrough, it has achieved rapid development in the fields of pulp, non-woven fabrics, disposable hygiene products and disposable medical consumables. Wdoodoo deeply develops the industrial chain, with the mission of reducing expenditure and raising revenues, reduce costs and increase efficiency! Driven by multidimensional development, Wdoodoo is booming.

2.Business model

Weidoodoo continues to improve applications that focus on transaction information, including SaaS services, cloud ERP, online signatures, online payment, cloud warehouse distribution, cloud logistics, etc.

3.Business value

Our company is following the national industry e-commerce, industrial Internet, supply chain innovation and application, commodity market platform economy and other major industry orientations, and is committed to achieving the following industrial value:

Information exchange and online transaction:Gradually reduce procurement links, reduce procurement costs, increase procurement efficiency, and create a transparent procurement environment, thereby improving industry circulation links, optimizing the supply chain, and promoting the supply side reform.

Trading Big Data: The transaction big data accumulated through the platform gradually realizes the production guided by the market, starting from the user side, optimizing production capacity, and promoting supply-side reform.

Smart Supply Chain: Focus on information interaction and transaction orders, extends to the full process links of R&D, design, procurement, manufacturing, sales, logistics, warehousing, service, etc. including upstream and downstream of the enterprise. Integrate all aspects of the supply chain with the Internet, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and other new technologies to create a smart supply chain.