On November 6, 2019, in the golden autumn, Beijing United (Stock Code: 603613. SH) visited some famous pulp and papermaking enterprises in Guangxi, including Mr.Liu Quan, chairman of Beijing United., Ms. Huang Shasha, CEO of Wdoodoo, Mr. Wang Ting, vice president of Beijing United, founder of Wdoodoo, Mr. Zhou Hailiang, vice president of Wdoodoo, Mr. Xu Jincheng, general manager of Zdoodoo and other leaders, invited by Guangxi Hongruitai Pulp Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Rongxingzhongke Development Co., Ltd , Guangxi Jiangnan Paper Co., Ltd. and other pulp and paper enterprises in Guangxi. All jointly exchange and discuss new ideas of industrial chain cooperation based on the industrial Internet platform.

Mr. Mei Shanmi, chairman of Guangxi Hongruitai Pulp Co., Ltd., Mr. Huang Yongxiang, general manager of Guangxi Rongxingzhongke Development Co., Ltd., Mr. Huang Bingyan, deputy general manager of Guangxi Rongxingzhongke Development Co., Ltd., Mr. Lei Wenjun, chairman of Guangxi Jiangnan Paper Co., Ltd., warmly received Liu Quan and other VIP guests. Accompanying visiting by representatives of Shangfeng Paper, Xianglan Paper, Shengda Paper, Tianlifeng Paper, Haolin Paper, Fengpai Paper, etc.

Liu Quan, chairman of Beijing United, pointed out in the exchange meeting that looking around the world, every industrial power has a strong papermaking industry, so papermaking industry is also listed as one of the major pillar industries of each country. The paper consumption is directly and indirectly affected by various fields of the whole society, known as a national "social and economic barometer". Pulp, paper and paper products are not only cultural carriers, life necessities, packaging materials, but also essential basic materials for science and technology, national defense, agriculture and other fields. As a B2B vertical e-commerce platform for the whole paper industry chain, Wdoodoo should continue to deepen the industry chain, make full use of the advantages of the industry Internet platform, promote the horizontal and vertical integration of upstream and downstream resources in the industry chain, and promote the construction of industrial Internet Ecosystem together with industrial enterprises.

Mr. Liu Quan also said, under the guidance of the strategies as ‘one belt, one road’ and ‘supply-side structural reform’, based on the industrial e-commerce business, supported by Internet data, Beijing United is committed to the deep integration of Internet, Internet of things and traditional industries, in order to achieve the value mission of promoting the traditional industry to reduce the cost and increase efficiency. Empowering industry chain and strengthening industry chain coordination are not only the core of the construction of industrial Internet platform, but also the important support for the efficient development of Beijing United. The active participation of advantageous enterprises in each link of the industrial chain is an indispensable source of strength for the platform construction. It is hoped that Wdoodoo platform can achieve win-win coexistence through continuous cooperation with Guangxi pulp and paper enterprises, such as Hongruitai Pulp, Rongxingzhongke, Jiangnan Paper, etc. Beijing United will also guide the positive force of capital market and activate the industrial innovation and development.

Ms. Huang Shasha, CEO of Wdoodoo said that the construction of industrial Internet platform is an important strategic direction of Beijing United. As the pioneer force, under the framework of platform intelligent supply chain service, Wdoodoo can help production enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency supported through operation strategies such as unified supplication and sales, cloud factory and cloud logistics. The Wdoodoo platform will actively explore Promote in-depth cooperation with major pulp and paper enterprises in Guangxi in the direction of smart supply chain construction.

Leaders of all pulp and paper enterprises participating in the conference expressed their appreciation for the development idea of Wdoodoo platform and the industrial layout of Beijing United. Meanwhile, they put forward constructive ideas for the later cooperation and said that they would actively promote the steady implementation of various cooperation contents based on the platform.

Following, our group visited the offices and factories of Guangxi Hongruitai Pulp, Guangxi Rongxingzhongke, and Guangxi Jiangnan Paper, and understood the production process and operation process of pulp and paper in each link in details, so as to complete the visit to Guangxi.