From 15:00 to 16:00 on March 17, 2020, today is a special day during COVID-19 period, Wdoodoo organized her first live broadcast for one hour. As a result, Wdoodoo got orders more than 50 million yuan and audience visitors more than 21,000 people. Behind the numbers, it is a new starting point for Wdoodoo.

As a B2B vertical e-commerce platform that focuses on pulp, paper, nonwovens and sanitary products of the whole industry chain, Wdoodoo was the first attempt to achieve the goal of reducing the efficiency and increasing efficiency in live broadcast with goods in the special period of epidemic prevention.

The COVID-19 epidemic is merciless and Wdoodoo empowers industry honestly. In the special live broadcast, Wdoodoo brought the melt blown non-woven fabric samples which urgently needed by mask manufacturers for anti-epidemic materials, and explained the standards, specifications, scope of application and other professional contents of melt blown non-woven fabric in different countries for the audience. In order to meet the urgent needs of more enterprises for masks, temperature guns, disinfectants and other preventing epidemic materials after returning to work, Wdoodoo gathered all brands of relevantly products, through the most intuitive and direct form, to correctly use methods and precautions for the audience's science popularization anti-epidemic material which won the unanimous praise of the audience.

At the same time, Wdoodoo also gathered the base paper of the major brands in China in this live broadcast. Professionals interpreted the specifications, materials, application scope and other contents of the base paper of different brands from a professional perspective. Wdoodoo also distributed numbers of logistics red packets that also enabled the paper processing enterprises to enjoy real preferential policies.

The live broadcast anchor came from Wdoodoo, although they did not receive professional training, as professionals in the industry, the anchor brought more professional interpretation of anti-pidemic materials and products from different perspectives, which made the audience and the enterprises separated by one screen interact enthusiastically through the live broadcast. Such an intuitive interactive communication mode was praised by enterprises in the industry.

As an important part in the industrial products live broadcast season of Beijing United e-commerce, Wdoodoo will base on the fields of pulp, paper, non-woven fabric and raw materials of sanitary products, continue to take the form of live broadcast with goods, and take professionals as the main broadcaster, to bring new forms and new empowerment to the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry, further promote the construction of the service system of the platform, and at the same time guide and cultivate the third party businesses of the platform participate in live broadcast, thus promoting the formation and development of industrial e-commerce live broadcast..