In April, Beijing United Duoduo e-commerce live broadcast season comes into the second stage with warm sunshine and beautiful peach blossom. Persian Cat brand of Piaohe Paper Co., Ltd entered into Wdoodoo Live Broadcast at 19:30-20:30 on April 10. Persian cat brank brought a special audio-visual feast of "finished paper + base paper" to the audience, and successfully ended with over 15000 viewers and over 25 million orders.

In this live broadcast, Mr. Ji Jianan, general manager of Piaohe Paper Co., Ltd, and Ms. Huang Tingting, founder of Shantou Niji Media Co., Ltd, are invited as the anchors. This couple brings a new experience of live broadcast with goods to the audience in B2B vertical e-commerce platform.

As the founder of Shantou Niji Media and the new Internet celebrity anchor with more than 100,000 fans, Ms. Huang Tingting has rich experience and unique show mode in live broadcast. In this live broadcast, Ms. Huang Tingting gave a detailed explanation of the birth and development history of the Persian Cat brand of Piaohe Paper, as well as the four product features of removable tissue. Through the wet water experiment and the live invitation of Persian cat fans to the live broadcast room, the audience had a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of the Persian cat's various series of removable tissue from the aspects of physical display, user experience, etc.

In this live broadcast, Mr. Ji Jianan, general manager of Piaohe Paper Co., Ltd, mainly brought several brands of base paper for the audience, such as Taison Group, Chitianhua Paper, Fengsheng Paper, Chongqing Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Ltd, Guangxi Rongxingzhongke, etc., and comprehensively analyzed the color, paper machine type, width, material, weight, wet strength, speed ratio, suitable model and so on, and carried out on-site contrast analysis on each brand of base paper. At the same time, through logistics subsidies red packets, no threshold red packets for the audience to get real concessions.

In order to give better feedback to each audience, Mr. Ji Jianan and Ms. Huang Tingting delivered multiple free benefits in this live broadcast, and actively interacted with fans in the live chat area, patiently answered various questions raised by the audience, and the whole live broadcast ended successfully in a lively atmosphere.

Since the launch of the live broadcast season of Beijing United e-commerce on March 11, Wdoodoo has held two live broadcasts with goods. As an important part of the industrial products live broadcast season of Beijing United e-commerce, Wdoodoo will continue to take the form of live broadcast with goods in the field of pulp and paper, non-woven fabric, and raw materials for sanitary products, and bring new products to upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry. The form and new empowerment will further promote the construction of the platform's service system, and at the same time, Wdoodoo will guide and cultivate the third-party businesses of the platform to participate in the live broadcast, so as to promote the formation and development of the industrial e-commerce live broadcast ecosystem.