"I'm lucky and happy to be able to contribute to the paper industry chain." In her words, she tells a story of Wdoodoo and Huang Shasha, which makes a post-90s entrepreneur have an extraordinary story.

——This is Huang Shasha. She is very important to us!

Wdoodoo, founded two years ago, with its unique operation mode of "network information interaction + proprietary trading + matchmaking trading + supply chain service + SaaS service", has caused a lot of waves in the traditional paper industry, and quickly integrated into the industry chain. Through the continuous creation of B2B e-commerce mode, Wdoodoo has won a lot of praise and recognition from users, which shows its determination to empower the paper industry, and for the post-90s CEO, Huang Shasha, this is just the first step towards empowerment.

To move forward in the face of doubt with its profession

"It's impossible without doubt. Wdoodoo also met in the early stage of its establishment. In fact, I have thought about whether to withdraw from this market. However, I didn't do this, and it's not my character to flinch easily. Since I chose, I would try my best to do. I am profession in this industry, and if I haven't done it, I would flinch."

For those "elders" who have been working in the paper market for many years, they have their own set of operation mode, which has been acquiesced and accepted by the market. Even though the paper market still has a good development prospect and many empowerment opportunities, it is quite difficult for Wdoodoo to obtain market recognition as new model and new ‘intruder’. This is B2B e-commerce in many traditional industries have to face difficulties. A lot of confident entrepreneurs also fail in the first step. Such a problem did not make Ms. Huang Shasha, CEO of Wdoodoo give up, but chose to specialize here and take a different B2B e-commerce development path.

Mixing in the paper market, we will know all kinds of paper business bosses. In the beginning, as a CEO, Huang Shasha often introduces Wdoodoo, there are always voice of doubt. In the early stage, Wdoodoo, there are much of awkward situation, such as no service object, no source, no buyer, no customer, no technology output, and so on. However, instead of retreating, Shasha refined Wdoodoo's development mode, enterprise concept, service mode, target direction, etc. Through one-to-one explanation with the pain points of traditional paper industry, and actively communicated with the business bosses in constant visits, listened to opinions and suggestions from all aspects, so as to further improve its service experience concept. Because of this tenacity and enthusiasm, Wdoodoo has been successively recognized by HengAn, Lee&man, Chitianhua, Haotang, Fuhua and other enterprises, and has signed cooperation agreements to provide supply chain services for these industry leaders, so Wdoodoo has taken a substantive step.

Live in peace, think of danger. Wdoodoo move forward in recognition

"The market is not immutable, but changing rapidly. You think your company has done a good job, and you think it can be safe and worry free. Then, when you have such an idea, you are not far away from danger. In the development of paper market, you need to understand the principle of think of danger in safety. Modesty is a reliable guarantee for the long-term development of an enterprise."

In 2017, the first year of development, Wdoodoo has received nearly 600 million yuan of revenue, nearly 300 companies settled in the platform, and won "2017 Top 30 Chinese Emerging Bulk Commodity E-commerce Enterprises", "China's Most Potential Development Award of the Sanitary Industry", and other awards. For entrepreneurs and their teams, these results are very important, Wdoodoo already has the qualification to set sail.

At the time of being praised by various cooperative paper enterprises, as CEO of Wdoodoo, Huang Shasha becomes calmer. She knows that such achievements are only temporary. If she wants to get better results, she needs to do more. In the face of changing market, Huang Shasha resolutely decided to use the advantages of big data to further improved Wdoodoo’s mode that "Internet wide information exchange + proprietary trading + matchmaking trading + supply chain management + SaaS services", as a while, cloud warehouse, cloud logistics, pulp board cross-border e-commerce and other businesses were launched. To build Wdoodoo through the ultimate supply chain management, which can be called the start of industrial empowerment in the new development stage of Wdoodoo.

Empowering the industry and looking forward to the future

"In fact, ‘industry empowerment’ have been talked about by many industries in recent years. Although each enterprise has different ways of empowering each industry, the original intention of everyone is the same, which can be realized slowly. Let Wdoodoo become an empowerment enterprise for industry, and actively promote the healthy development of Internet e-commerce ecosystem in the paper industry. We look forward to such a future, and we will contribute our own strength to such a future. "

For Huang Shasha, in the wave of the industrial Internet era, to have a platform to practice her ideals and empower their customers is not only her own luck but also her own happiness!

Real luck needs sweat to get, real happiness is for others! Wdoodoo is still on the way forward, there are many opportunities and challenges on this road, and in the future, what kind of enterprise Wdoodoo will grow into is still unknown. However, as long as the initial intention is still there, this future full of unknown will be full of hope!

"Wdoodoo + Huang Shasha", in fact, this combination is very important to us!